Breeze Cards
& Tickets

Breeze Tickets Information

Breeze Tickets are paper tickets for limited use for visitors or special MARTA programs. Using a built-in smart card, Breeze Tickets function the same way as a Breeze Card — just without the ability to reload any fare and expire in 90 days from purchase.

The cost of the Breeze Ticket is $1.00 in addition to the cost of a fare or pass.

Breeze Cards and Tickets are accepted as valid fare media on Bus and Rail.

Standard Breeze Vending Machine Purchases

You can purchase Breeze Tickets from the same vending machines you'd use to purchase standard Breeze Cards. These tickets aren't reloadable, expire in 90 days and include a $1 fee. Your options include:

  • One-way trips
  • Round trips
  • One-day Breeze Ticket
  • 1 to 8 breeze tickets can be purchased at one time

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