The Perks of Partnership

MARTA Partnership Program

In today’s competitive business environment, both employers and employees are searching for added incentives – those special perks that make jobs more attractive and give companies the reputation of being a great place to work, while improving the bottom line. MARTA offers a program that not only provides significant savings to Atlanta area companies and their employees, but delivers a host of other benefits.

TMA or MARTA Direct

Companies have the option to either go directly to MARTA or a Transportation Management Association (TMA). A TMA is a transit-based organization that provides a variety of services to companies located in specific geographical regions. Their mission is to improve the quality of life through green space, recycling, and transportation initiatives. All companies who participate through a TMA will automatically get the maximum discount (20%) offered. Your company must fall within the TMA's geographic region to be eligible. Contact lperry@itsmarta.com (404-848-4446) to see if you're within a TMA zone.

Any company has the option of doing MARTA Direct. It involves working directly with MARTA to participate in the program. Depending on how many employees wish to participate, the discount can range from 5 to 20% off the monthly pass. Whether you choose to participate in the program through a TMA or MARTA Direct, the program offers great benefits for both the employer and employee.

Partnership Fare Structure 

Partnership fare pricing includes a discount of up to 20% on each $95 monthly pass purchased.  The discount percentage depends on the number of cards your company purchases.  All cards purchased through TMAs will receive a 20% discount.  Here's the rundown of discount tiers:

Unlimited Ride Calendar Monthly Pass.......$95.00

Sales Volume/Mth Discount Price
Direct 1-9 5% $90.25
Direct 10-1,499 15% $80.75
Direct 1,500+ 20% $76.00
TMA All 20% $76.00


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Enrolling your organization in the Partnership Program is easy and only takes a few steps.  Plus, enrolling is free.

We'll contact you to provide more information on program enrollment so that you and your employees can start enjoying the perks of partnering with MARTA very soon.

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Who's Eligible

The MARTA Partnership Program benefits partner organizations, their employees and the entire metro area community. Organizations eligible to participate are:

  • Corporations
  • Small businesses
  • Governmental agencies
  • Transportation Management Associations 

Passing on the Perks

The direct financial impacts of the Partnership Program are obvious. In fact, our partners say the program more than pays for itself. But the intangible impacts on your employees are also significant. Here are a few of the partner benefits of this program:
  • You can save 7.65% on employee contributions to FICA & MEDICARE
  • You won’t pay federal or payroll taxes on the value of the commuter benefit, which makes this more cost effective than raising an employee’s salary by a similar amount.
  • If your company pays for employee parking, that cost will be reduced. Plus, you’ll have more room for visitor parking.
  • Employee health and productivity will increase without the stress of daily traffic and time wasted in gridlock, leading to improved retention.
  • Offering new perks to boost your benefits package will increase employee morale and aide in recruiting of new talent.
  • By encouraging public transit, you will by contributing to your company’s sustainability initiatives and LEED (Leadership and Energy Environmental Design) certification. Plus, you’ll be improving the quality of life for your employees and your community, while preserving the environment

Look at some ways your employees will benefit:

Your employees also benefit directly from the Partnership Program. For those already riding MARTA, the discount immediately puts money back into their pockets. For others who are commuting by car, this program offers both financial and personal incentives. 

Employee Perks Of the Partnership

  • Employees will save money by not driving a personal car every day, including the cost of fuel, parking fees and ongoing vehicle maintenance.
  • Employees who already use MARTA for their daily commute will receive up to a 20% discount on transit costs.
  • Due to tax savings associated with the program, employees will see an increase in their take home pay.
  • Your employees will be safer on public transit than driving a car. In fact, the National Safety Council says riding a bus is 170 times safer than traveling in an automobile.
  • By reducing the stress associated with traffic, they will be healthier. The stress of driving in congested conditions is linked directly to a long list of health problems, more headaches, colds and flu.
  • Employees can use a train or bus ride to work and be productive, which isn’t possible when they are driving in daily traffic.
  • They can save money by using it on the weekends to attend sporting events downtown, visit attractions in the city, dine at in-town restaurants or simply travel around the metro area. Because the pass provides unlimited usage on both trains and buses.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

To provide you with peace of mind, members of the MARTA Partnership Program may participate in the Guaranteed Ride Home program. If you are unable to use MARTA for your normal ride home due to an unexpected illness, unscheduled overtime, sick child, etc. then Georgia Commute Options can help! The Guaranteed Ride Home program pays for up to 5 FREE rides to your home or car from work each year if an unexpected event occurs. Click here for more information

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