Station Management Program

We’re working station by station to improve your customer experience

Our new station management program is enhancing your experience with a 3-tiered approach; Eyes-on, Hands-on, and Game-on.    

  • Eyes-on:  Observing and documenting areas of improvement
  • Hands-on:  Taking action, resolving issues, making enhancements
  • Game-on:  Showcasing achievements to the community and receiving feedback
Our team of MARTA Heroes are working hard to improve your station experience. Please help us by not littering. You can use the new See & Say 2.0 app to report any safety, security, cleaning, or maintenance needs.

Our stations are divided into six zones, and each zone is assigned a dedicated Zone Superintendent. Each Zone Superintendent is solely focused on enhancing the customer experience at every station under their responsibility.

Station Zone Map

107C - Heavy cleaning Midtown - broll short.00_00_30_00.Still012

Another ongoing initiative is our Targeting Cleaning effort.  MARTA is proactively deep-cleaning each station on a continual and repeating basis. Listed below are the most recent stations receiving Targeted Cleaning. 

Zone Station
1 Kensington 
1 Decatur
1 Eastlake
2 Westlake
2 Garnett
2 King Memorial
3 Lakewood  
3 East Point
3 Airport
4 Midtown
4 Civic Center  
4 Peachtree Center  
5 Brookhaven
5 Doraville
6 Five Points (Concourse)

  108A - Ashby Heavy Cleaning - broll.00_00_24_04.Still001

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