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MARTA is committed to making Atlanta a desired filming location for productions of all sizes and welcomes the opportunity to partner with you.  We work with everyone from students and non-profits up to large production companies and are committed to treating everyone in a fair and consistent manner.

The Office of Real Estate Development and Asset Management is responsible for overseeing photography, film, and entertainment production activities.

Request Permission Update:

Planning to include MARTA in your next project? To initiate the process, complete the online form - Film & Photography Request Form.

Note: All film requests must be submitted at least 30-days prior to filming.

What Happens After You Fill Out the Form

Once we’ve received your request, we'll send you a confirmation email and a member of our team will reach out to you within 48-hours via email or phone.

The film request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  All requests will be approved or denied based on how the project will impact MARTA’s regular transit service schedule. 

A signed license agreement is mandatory for all film and photography projects.

All signed license agreements must include the following: 

A MANDATORY safety training is required for all project request prior to work starting on the train, rail, platform, and / or wayside.

The requestor must provide an insurance certificate and policy that covers liability, property damage, personal injury, professional, and worker's compensation. The policy must list MARTA as an additional insurer.

Coverage amount will be based on a case-by-case basis. 

Additionally, the policy must include a 30-day cancellation notice provision.

The MARTA Police Department will determine the required number of officers for your event.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, please follow the payment instructions in the approved agreement. 

    The requestor must provide a detailed filming schedule, storyline and run of show. These documents will be incorporated into the license agreement.

    Please be aware that any changes requested after an agreement has been finalized must be submitted in writing and approved by MARTA.  These changes may incur additional charges. 

    Fees will vary depending on the project request.

    Payment must be made at the time of execution of the agreement with MARTA, or as otherwise provided in the agreement.

    MARTA will not approve any storyline that depicts MARTA in a negative light.

    Any use of the MARTA logo or branding must be approved in advance.

    Photography Policy

    Requests for photography on MARTA property must be approved in advance through our Real Estate Office.  The shoot must not interfere with MARTA transit or disturb our passengers.

    A detailed description of the date, time and location of your photography shoot, as well as how many people will participate should be included in the request.

    In some cases, off-duty MARTA Police Officers may need to accompany the crew, as determined by the Office of Real Estate. 

    The MARTA Police Department will assess the necessary number of officers for your event. To ensure a seamless process, please adhere to the payment instructions outlined in the approved agreement. 

    We are committed to making sure your event is safe and secure.

    Film & Photography Request Form


    Contact Us

    Justin Wilson, Investment Associate 
    404-425-3732 (cell)

    Robin Boyd, Director of Real Estate Development and Asset Management.  

    404-680-4627 (cell)

    For additional questions or concerns, please email: film@itsmarta.com

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