MARTA Heroes

MARTA Heroes keep Atlanta moving every day. Our Heroes take pride in their work to keep our customers safe and to improve the customer experience. They are the heart and soul of MARTA and the Atlanta region. This behind-the-scenes video series will let you get to know our MARTA family while learning more about their important daily work.

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Cleaning Heroes

Historic Rail Car Preservation

Tamara: Station Zone Management

Charles: Bus Shelter Construction

Lolo: Red Line Track Replacement

Catherine: Operating a Bus Bridge

Darius: Assisting Passengers

Charles: Clayton Transit Hub and Bus Shelters

Angela: End-of-Line Train Cleaning

Terence: Operating the Happy Train

MPD Officers: Serving the Community

Alphonso: Better Real-time Information

Angela: Rebuilding elevators and escalators

Gloria: Helping Those in Need

Carey: Replacing Aging Tracks

Debbie: Building Communities at Our Stations

Jeff: Rebuilding Our Rail Cars

FPS Dinkins: Being the Eyes and Ears

Antoine: Keeping Our Buses Moving

Keeping It Clean

MARTA Heroes never stopped working during the pandemic and have stepped up to provide additional cleaning to keep our customers safe. Learn more about MARTA’s pandemic response and meet the Heroes who kept us functioning despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Robert: Installing Ionization for Fresh Air

DeVandis: Driving Through the Pandemic

James: Station Heavy Cleaning

Tarrence: Giving Masks to Customers

David: Installing Bus Safety Features

Xavier: Keeping Our Stations Clean

Aluko: Cleaning Rail Cars

Stephanie: Sanitizing Buses

Tara: Rail Car Cleaning

Beverly: Taking Care of Our Customers

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